Sometimes one wonder why some people will go into something with the name of making money without actually have faith or having the patience to wait for their time.

One thing is not every is born to receive riches but as they say good name is better than riches.

It seems after many years, 30 Years to be precise a man of God could not hold his patience any longer as he has denounced God to worship lesser gods instead.

The ex pastor who had congregants under him seemed to have had less faith in his many years as a preacher as he transforms and abandons God to worship lesser gods innhis village.

According to him, all the years he used to be a pastor was a waste of his life as he now believes that God do not exist.

Known formerly as Pastor Adebayo Adekunle but now prefers to be called Ifabayo Adekunle he explained that God has abandoned him for many years despite serving him with all that he had.

Even he believes that his prayers never crossed the roof of his house.

In a post, he explained his ordeal, why he had to change religion and other things which can be read here;

I really wasted 30 years of my life worshiping a God whose existence still remains a mystery to me and many people.

I was born into a lineage of Ifa worshipers but very early in life, I was converted and I gave my life to Christ, though I did not know what it was all about. I left home to live with the pastor of a white garment church where I trained to become a pastor myself.

 I lived and trained with the man for 12 years before I was ordained a pastor and I opened my own church.

For the next 13 years, I laboured to make the church grow but there was nothing to show for it because I never had more than 20 members at a time.

 I kept praying to a God I did not know, called on angels I did not know of their existence and called on a Jesus who never answered me. I did not know if my prayers even went beyond the ceiling or roof of my house because most times, I did not even know what or whom I was praying to.

I read the Bible several times but nothing made any sense to me because, to me, it was just a recording of historical events that did not tell me anything new. I lived from hand to mouth and could hardly feed my family because I tried to dedicate myself to a God who did not care about me.

I fasted for several years but nothing worked for me. I used to envy the so called pastor with big churches and large congregations and I wondered how they did it.

But now that I have gone back to Ifa, I know that many of them patronize Ifa priests and other native doctors they condemn.

They would sneak into the shrines of these Ifa priests at night to seek for charms to perform miracles but in the day, they will turn around to condemn them. I have had some of them come to me to seek for power and I may be forced to name them if they should dare me. Some of them are the biggest pastors in this state and even beyond.

They would come to beg me to prepare charms for them to perform miracles or to get members and I do this for them because I know how hard it takes to build a church.

The 30 years I worked in the vineyard, as they would call it, were wasted years for me because I ended up with nothing. But in the few years I have been serving Ifa, I have been able to build a befitting house for my family, bought three cars and send my children to good schools.


These were things I could not do as a pastor. People used to mock me then but now, no can try that with me. I learnt my lessons the hard way.”

source:scooper news

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