Kusah Inuzaje Mohammed, 34, has been taken into custody by the Petrensa police of the Asante Akyem Central Municipal for attempting to kill. Kusah Inuzaje was arrested in the house of Mr and Mrs Listowel Apam after he had threatened to behead the couple if they didn’t reinstate him back to his post as the watchman of the house.

Officer Charles Manu, the arresting officer who held Kusah Inuzaje by the hand, hinted that Kusah may be on drugs looking at his behaviour. We believe he is on drugs and we will take good care of him tonight in the police cells. If by Monday 3 January, he still behaves strangely, we will have the hospital checking on his mental health before preparing him for court or otherwise, the police officer stated before throwing Kusah into the police truck. 

Case Study
Kusah Inuzaje was released from his post as the Watchman of the Apam family home; the house of Dr Listowel Apam and Mrs Linda Apam. Kusah Inuzaje after receiving his termination notice on 27 December 2021, refused to step aside and reported back to work on 28 December 2021.

He was told the work has been given to a new security man but he failed to accept the terms of his termination. Dr Listowel had argued that, Kusah Inuzaje was released from his post as the Watchman because he was mostly sleeping on the job. We have been robbed twice, and all those robberies were confirmed to have been the mistake of Kusah Inuzaje. Either he sleeps on the job or is out of post and that was how come the two robberies were able to happen, Dr Listowel Apam said to the Petrensa police this evening. 

Dr Listowel after the second robbery in his house on 22 October, decided to end the employment contract he had with Kusah Inuzaje. Kusah refused to accept why he had been sacked from his post, and threatened the couple to either reinstate him or die. 
Kusah Inuzaje with a machete broke into the house of his bosses and kept shouting about spilling their blood on their living room if they failed to reinstate him. Dr Listowel Apam under the fear of being butchered, called the Petrensa police who came to his aid. 

Both the doctor and his wife are doing well with no injuries except damaged properties which were all destroyed by Kusah Inuzaje. Kusah is still at the police station after he was arrested at 6:47 PM today. 

SOURCE: Nii Otu Dadeban Ankrah

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