Ghana is boring, calm, no social activities but it’s a nice and peaceful place- Nigerian Transgender BobRisky

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Idris Ikuneye popularly known as BobRisky says Ghana is a place to be because its people are hospitable and warm.

The transgender and LGBTQI personality who also is a Nigerian socialite is on a short stay in Ghana and has expressed her love for the country. In a video posted on social media, she said Ghana is a very nice and beautiful place to visit and relax but it’s very boring and too calm for her and can’t wait to leave.

“Ghana is a nice place, Ghana is beautiful, but one thing about Ghana that I don’t like is it’s too calm, it’s too boring.” I can’t wait to go back to my Nigeria, I can’t wait to go back to my Lagos, our Lagos but trust me there are nice people in Ghana, they are awesome people.”On the bright side, however, the crossdresser stressed on how Ghanaians are very hospitable “I got to the immigration yesterday. They treated me so nice, so lovely, they are lovely people. Even at the hotel, they are so nice. It’s like everybody in Ghana is super awesome but it’s just that it’s so boring,” There are less social activities but apart from that, Ghana is a beautiful place” she added.

To explain her reason why Ghana is boring and not as lively as her country Nigeria, she said Ghana has less activities.

Bobrisky enjoying her stay in Ghana is also seen on social media chilling with some Ghanaian celebrities.

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