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Lyrics: Sarkodie – Goodbye

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Sarkodie – Goodbye ft. Mugeez

Yes you know

To my honeys on da block


Dunc Wills Entertainment

Ɛnkoto dwɛ gu fɛm

Where my ladies at? – Now

Ɛnsa da ɛnsa yɛm

Killbeat, to my honeys on da block y’all

1 2 3 Now


I just wanna let you know

That I didn’t wanna let you go

Cuz your love is so beautiful

And irreplaceable

Even though I know you hate me now

Why because I broke your heart

I made you feel like you my baby

You my only one

I’m sorry that I made you cry

Never ever meant to tell no lie

Then I dey fear say I go lose you to another guy

The feeling was so strong

Even though that I was strong

The look in your eyes always wanna turn me on


My o’ my

I made you cry

In my whole life

I will never say goodbye

My o’ my

I made u cry

Fa me boni kyɛ me waɛ

Its been the time to say goodbye


Straight up, you know what time it is

Its one time for your mind

Now, you no say me n u we no dey feel part

when our love is so strong nobody go fit break thru

Cuz if I dey reminisce about the way the enemy dey fight for downfall

None of the women can hit you

The funny thing be say

The more we for climb, we dey get much stronger

Because it takes two

To be together is a very difficult

But never lose hope people go try to intimidate you

But you for dey care for the friend you trust

The people you talk to you no go face the facts

They go tell you say I no dey love you e be lust

But please think twice before you act

Make you never change

Nobody be perfect

Me I no be saint

Mistakes dey on our body like paint

If u see ur enemy for town make u say shame (shame)

I no say ur paddy no dey like me

But you for no say e be u be my wifey

Come rain come shine I no go fit deceive you

So please come sit beside me

I be faithful why you for lie me

Sweety be my adidas the my nike

That be why so many girls dey fight over me

But still you be the one I dey tice you


Every single day when I see your beautiful face

I just wanna be around you

Cuz you are one in a milli

My number one girl kiss me

God bless the day I found you

Deɛ me pɛ na wo yɛ ɛnti na mani gye woho

Nti yɛ na bra fie yes I was born to love you

Don’t you ever leave me alone

Cuz nea wopɛ na ma koma pɛ

ɛnti na mato me boase abo nnwom no 1 2

All that I ever wanna do is to make you smile

Mepɛ sɛ wo tumi sire nase birebia ɛnhawo

Na afea nea eda woa komaso biara me tumi ye ma wo

Anadwo na se yebe di nkomɔ a matumi adeda wo

Yɛ bekɔ Las Vegas, honeymoon wɔ New York

Maye papers deɛ me hia ne cool block

Ɛneɛ ɛbɛ hye me ho pɛ ye bɛtu one time

Ma men nfa ɛnsɔ so prɛko for your mind!


Now you no dey watch my face again see if I get Apollo eyes

All the wrong I do you girl I dey apologize

I know deep down in your mind you like to dey my side

But there is another

She no want no another

Na she be my wife

You still the same girl I knew before

Wey my love for you always go show

You hurting cuz you no dey get it more

Ohh, killing me sef.


…till fade out

© 2010 Sarkodie

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