Am talking to few artistes following me on this platform….I want to throw more light on the work of promoters and the mindset about the job they are doing.

Get this clear Guys…Most Music Promoter are Guys who have passed the Fan stage of your Craft…They are looking at how to make money with it now…Be very mindful how you handle these Guys.

Promoters are more of working on people’s Destiny…Someone might be sleeping and you are promoting him/her,all in the name of holding down to bring the best out for people to know the person…Do you know what it takes to do that ? (This question goes to Artistes).

Its a promoter who will give you Gigs,recommend you to other Promoters,Distribute your songs,promoters even put up shows they themselves..As an Artiste.. You can collaborate to make the event happen…After everything,You will surely get your investment and if the event goes well, profit on your investment is possible…its a way Generating Cash for your self….Offlate,people go for event allover the world.

These guys(Promoters) have seen what’s in you and want to Motivate you to bring all out and you think its easy to motivate Oneself to that level?

Am Hoping 2022…You know what it takes to Motivate Oneself.!..Am talking to some matured Guys Out there… If you are an Artiste out there..2022, find personal Promoters and motivate them as you put them on duty…Something will change in your career….Most Promoters does 360d jobs,Figure out these Guys and work with them….Promoters Got alots to offer every music industry…And it’s about time Musicians in Ghana get to understand who a Music promoter is.

As an intuitive,Ready to learn on the job Promoter… GHANA lack International Promoters… That’s Why our Guys are not out there Yet..!Artiste,Records labels,Artistes Managers,Agents,Awards Schemes..All these houses get to put some respect on promoters.Its takes heart to Motivate and be Motivated.

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