Putin aganst Ukraine


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Russia has hit Ukraine hard, targeting and bombing its military bases, airports and cities. Ukraine is preparing to strike back! I doubt this anyway unless the NATO members come to their aid. China may choose to support Russia because of America’s involvement in/with NATO.
Where did this begin?
Russia used to be the headmaster of the Soviet Union. After World War II, all the countries in that group became their own bosses. Russia now has no control over them. One of them is Ukraine. 
And Russia has always been in a power play with the West (of course, led by the U.S). So in the 1990s these 30 western countries (U.S, UK, Spain, Canada, France and others) combined military resources and formed N.A.T.O to protect themselves. Actually, they were ganging up against Russia. Even though NATO was formed around 1949.
Russia is threatened by this tag team because they continued to recruit countries that are supposed to align with Russia. One of them is Ukraine.
But Russia sees Ukraine like a young brother it can bully at any time. Russia doesn’t want Ukraine to be attracted to the N.A.T.O gang. 
In 2013, Ukraine’s President was torn between joining the Western big boys or staying with Russia. Surprisingly he chose to join Russia and ditched an opportunity to trade with Europe and the West. Ukrainians didn’t like this and therefore they voted the President in just the next election
The Russian President made another move — he managed to take the territory of parts of Ukraine using a rigged referendum, wars and separation tactics. 
“So in these father-son” conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, the Western big boys have been giving Ukraine military support, and Russia’s President, Putin thinks they should mind their business!
To create fear and to discourage the foreign relationship, Putin had lined up military troops and armies at the borders of Ukraine for months. He said he would withdraw only if the Western boys stopped the poaching and encroaching.
Well, it generated concerns. They counter-threatened to crush Russia’s economy. Diplomacy talks came in. Some called it a bluff. No consensus was reached between NATO leaders and Russian authorities.
Then on Thursday, 24th February, Russia struck Ukraine unprovoked; adding that they are ready for the consequences!
Interestingly and heartbreakingly, Russia under the able leadership of Vladimir Putin has over 2 million trained forces vest in nuclear powers or nuclear weapons.
As our elders say “when two elephants are fighting, it’s the trees that suffer”
If this leads to WWIII, life will become tougher for us as Ghanaians.
Any superior addition can be made.
BY: Frank Mark Tedeka 
#RussiaUkrainecrisis #Putin

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