An aide to the former President of Ghana Joyce Bawa Mogtari has noted that currently, most Ghanaians are living below the poverty line.

According to her, most people survive on the benevolence of the few privileged ones in society.

She, therefore, believes that since a great number of people survive on remittances from benevolent people, there is the need to scrap any idea of e-levy from conversations in the country.

She will rather government cuts its expenditure in order to get more money to run the affairs of the country.

Joyce Bawa Mogtari was speaking on Accra-based Metro TV when he made this known.

“We need to also refocus our attention on what we do in terms of our philanthropy because many people are living now below the poverty line and we do also know that most of us depend on remittances from whoever is probably in a better place than you are. It is why this whole conversation around e-levy beats my mind. I don’t think that we should even be encouraging any further negotiations on the matter.

She continued “I think that government itself should cut its own expenditure. Let’s see His Excellency the President telling us that henceforth all the v8, lexus vehicles…that we are going to use two or one or that I don’t want to see long convoys anywhere or that my convoy itself will now have three vehicles with just the essential attachment and not all these fifty or so vehicles.”

Adding further that “there is a way the government can show enormous sensitivity. I think that government has been most unfair to the good people of Ghana and I believe that whatever the teachers are demanding be it allowances, salary increment, they pay in comparison to monies paid by the President for his luxury travels”

Source: MyNewsGh.com

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