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Sekyere Kumawu DCE nominee confirmed amid alleged grand manipulative scheme

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Sekyere Kumawu DCE nominee confirmed amid alleged grand manipulative scheme
The President’s nominee for the Sekyere Kumawu District Chief Executive position has finally been confirmed but without some skirmishes.

Samuel Addai Agyekum who was rejected twice had the second voting process nullified over reasons that some government appointees who had been sacked and replaced still had their names in the register and voted against him, supposedly.

After the voting on Friday, Mr Addai Agyekum is said to have polled 28 YES votes representing a hundred per cent of the total votes cast.

His confirmation process has been quite hectic for him as strong agenda was waged, according to our sources on the ground to get him to secure the majority vote.

Deep throat sources tell ModernGhana News that signals had been picked for another exercise to reject the nominee which “something had to be done about it.”

It was therefore planned that only those confirmed to be real lovers of the nominee and would vote for him, by all means, would be accredited for the day. Implying that out of the total 59 Assembly Members, only 28 accreditation cards were deliberately made available with strict orders to the heavily-armed policy not to allow anyone without the accreditation, access into the hall.

The Member of Parliament for Kumawu, Hon Philip Basoa, in the midst of several Assembly Members was therefore locked behind the main entrance due to lack of accreditation cards.

Our source said, “there was no way Samuel would have been confirmed if the voting was not manipulated.”

The source added, “About 80 per cent of the people don’t like him but he was renominated because he is the choice of the Regional Chairman and the Regional Minister that’s why they made the president renominate him.”

The nominee our source indicated causeD his own downfall when the youth of the area accused him of openly campaigning against the New Patriotic Party candidate for the Parliamentary elections in 2020 for which reason cannot be trusted to represent the President in the area.

James Appiakorang

James Appiakorang

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