The seemingly flaming feud between Nigeria’s Grammy award winning artist Burna Boy and Ghana’s dancehall stalwart Shatta Wale seems to be taking a different turn as the latter refuses to accept the apologies rendered by the former and still pushes for the much anticipated brawl.

The feud which was ignited by Shatta Wale after he threw some subliminal shots at some big Nigerian artists who have benefitedmuch from Ghana’s support but have refused to return the same favor to some Ghanaian artists who also want to penetrate the Nigerian music market. He made this remark during his joint concert with Medikal dubbed Freedom Concert on Christmas day at the Accra Sports Stadium. To this Burna Boy responded on Twitter by throwing a challenge saying “if Shatta or anyonehas a personal problem with me , I am still open to fighting 1 on 1 and squash it after”.

A lot of musicians , music lovers and fans of both artists have also added their voices to the conversation either defending their artist or lambasting the opponent artist for various reasons.Some artists and music stakeholders in the Gh reggae dancehall fraternity who are part of Ranking Family also expressed their displeasure about Burna Boy’s call for a 1 on 1 fighting which is not the ideal way to build a stronger, better African music industry. It looks like the year 2022 is going to be a hot music clash between Ghana and Naija.

Shatta Wale who is himself a beef wizard in Ghana seems to be so poised for this beef between himself and none other but his own long time buddy Burna Boy. He responded to Burna’s tweet by saying that he will stop Ghanaians from supporting Nigerian artists. “Bring it on and your artiste won’t get that hype they get from Ghana…I can make that stop .. Don’t dare me . It’s the truth , your artiste come here for numbers before the world can recognize them.. Appreciate Ghana supporting your artiste and stop this foolishness,”Shatta Wale said. 

Despite Shatta’s rage,Burna Boy has affirmed his commitment to building a stronger Africa, saying “Nobody will ruin the unity we continue to build for a stronger and better Africa.”

Ironically ,Burna Boy in a recent Instagram post said that he’scoming to Ghana on Tuesday January 4th to fight Shatta Wale,contradicting his earlier commitment made to build a united Africa. The question many people seem to be asking is whether this is another publicity stunt to gain attention or another 3rd world war between two African afro dancehall giants ?

These are some screen shots captured on Shata Wales twitter handle:

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Who wins?

Who do you expect to win this battle? Shata Wale has declared that he sees it as a lyrical war and nothing physical to be attached? Burna Boy on the other hands still stands for African unity and want to call bygones bygones?

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