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Meet the adorable abigailgogo One of the top best Radio/TV personality in Africa

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Abigail Isaiah Gogo-Ogute also known as Abigailgogo is a broadcast journalist with over ten years experience in radio presentation. She is the voice you hear on Lasgidi FM Lagos at the moment. She worked with the infamous Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) for about nine years before she launched herself further into the private sector.

Abigail Isaiah Gogo-Ogute also known as Abigailgogo

She is a content creator, a Writer, Poetry Lover and budding Actor.

Abigail Isaiah is a graduate of English Studies from the University of Port Harcourt where she had her Bachelor of Arts Degree then proceeded to the University of Lagos Akoka where she had her Master of Arts Degree in English Literature. 

Abigail Isaiah Gogo-Ogute also known as Abigailgogo

Abigail Isaiah is from Andoni Local Government Area, one of the riverine communities in Rivers State. She is the second child of her father and the first of her mother. 

Apart from being a professional broadcaster, Abigail Isaiah does a lot of Media Consultation jobs for brands and more of brand imaging and visibility.

She is versatile and always willing to try new things on her journey to growth and development. 

Abigail Isaiah Gogo-Ogute also known as Abigailgogo

Abigail Isaiah has been nominated for notable awards and has won some more in her journey as a broadcast journalist. 

She is amiable, lovable, loyal and tolerant but blunt.

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