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Is Shata Wale a Gay and Killer Friend?

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The featured image as lifted from shows Shata Wale kissing a male friend. In our local parlance, it’s not just the kiss. There is more to it. The man he was kissing is an alleged Human Rights abuse suspect and rumours of murder and drug dealing called Shata Kumoji. In the recent violence recorded in Nima,Accra, an horible video circulated. In the video, a man has seen bitting of the ears of a gentleman who appeared to be a minor.

Additionally, there are unconfirmed rumours that Shata Kumoji is a murderer and drug dealer. Facetvnews would undercover more details later.

(from blogpost)

Looking at the picture below, I was so surprised. But as a blogger and promoter, I know it could be an edited photo. I guess and in my little opinion, the Management of Shata Wale can do this to gain digital marketing relevance. However, it could be a move by some other persons to tarnish the image of the Shata Movement. Without much to say, if this picture is real, then I am going to find out the following and get back to share with you.1. Why the kiss?

2. Why Shata Kumoji ( purported severe human rights abuse offender)(alleged murderer and drug dealer)

3. Any other information is relevant to the media.
By Bobo Fyah.

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