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Shatta Wale has called for peace and begged for forgiveness from Ghanaian politician Sam George after insulting him on social media.

Ghanaians were anticipating a heavy bout but the fearless dancehall king chickened out of the social media fight with Sam George hours after throwing his shots

That Sam George if you don’t stop those foolish comments about me erh … You go sick for room for years unless I touch you . I never see foolish man like you too before .
Prove to me which leave I smoke, you are very foolish a man.

Ah is sam George even a government person or he is a radio presenter ..
Masa this year if you be a
minister and u come to me anyhow, I will also come to you anyhow !! What da fuck !!!!
If Ibe so u guys want us to run the country, we go go like that ..
tackle tackle ,,, foolish man

The plot people like sam George has for me we know all ..
Bigman bigman but you talk like a fool .. Do your worse foolish man !!”

In a quick redraw, Shatta Wale took to the same platform he called war on to reveal that he has spoken to Sam George and had decided to bury the hatchet.

He claimed understanding is the key and everything they did was for love.

As it stands, Sam George remains undefeated in social media fights and no Ghanaian celebrity has been able to beat him to his game.

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