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Smart Policeman Teaches Motorbike Thieves A Lesson

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Motorbikes have become vehicles that some thieves are using to aid in their crimes. This is because its speed and small design allow for the criminals to make a quick escape after carrying out their deeds. 

Because Motorbikes have become the go-to vehicles for some criminals, stealing motorbikes has now joined the list of items criminals target. A CCTV footage that was captured in Brazil and going viral on social media platforms shows two thieves being outsmarted and taught a lesson.

The two thieves were captured on CCTV footage robbing a man on his motorcycle at gunpoint. Unbeknownst to the robbers, the victim was a policeman who was off-duty during the robbery and thus was not in uniform.

When the victim was confronted by the robbers at gunpoint. He quickly dropped his motorbike laying flat on the floor and additionally dropped the backpack he was wearing just in case the robbers were after that as well, he then run a few feet away from the robbers.

He did those two things so that the robbers would be preoccupied lifting his motorbike. The off-duty policeman who still had his gun on him then opened fire on the distracted thieves. The two robbers got fatally shot and passed away.


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