Twene Jonas is a hurricane spawned forth by Ghana’s climate of corruption

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Twene Jonas is a hurricane spawned forth by Ghana’s climate of

Twene Jonas
I happened to have chanced upon a video in which a Ghanaian, Twene Jonas, now domiciled in the United States, was spewing hot invectives on
Ghanaian leaders. At the end of the video, I went back and listened to the vituperations again, and also read most of the stream of reactions and
feedback he was receiving. Reflecting on the video and the reactions, I came to certain conclusions that I will like to share with Ghanaweb’s reading
Simply put, Twene Jonas is a by-product of the extreme corruption and center of shame that Ghana has become. The man was born in Ghana, lived in
Ghana, was nurtured in Ghana, and came through a system that was or is shameless and inherently corrupt, has failed and is failing to deliver but
refuses to change course, all to the detriment of the population.
Let’s consider the following:
Ghana is currently facing extreme pollution in many of its water bodies due to illegal mining activities. However, all these water bodies traverse lands
owned by traditional authorities, and the traditional authorities are headed by chiefs who are the custodians of the lands. Yet, the illegal mining
activities with their attendant water pollution stride on under the very noses of these chiefs. It doesn’t take professor Allotey or Einstein to work out
the mathematics and logic of these insane pollution acts and arrive at an answer; that the chiefs know something about the mining activities and are
deliberately looking the other way, or are in cahoots with the polluters. In this scenario, the law of balance, which is as inflexible as the law of
gravitation, kicks in with a bitter solution; Twene Jonas.

Scenario Two:
A Ghanaian who is an average person known to the community for many years, decides to enter politics. Within a few years, the person is prancing
around in riches, driving expensive cars, and flaunting wealth to the shock of some and admiration to others. Despite swimming in the calming pool
of the newly-found riches, the roads in his constituency are crying for help as manholes develop and Misérables in ramshackle vehicles engage in
bumpy-dance while riding to and from the market place. Meanwhile, the man is chauffeured in a V8 vehicle with 12 inches ground-clearance and
beefy tire threads, so he barely experiences what his constituents are going through. With such nonchalant attitude, nature intervenes to restore
semblance of balance in order for the situation to be ameliorated. Thus, nature brings in Twene Jonas.

Scenario Three:
Ghana is a country where a politician states boldly, that the homeland is sitting on riches, but is suffering because of bad governance. Hence, he
promises to make things better if not for everyone then for most. He is therefore rewarded by his promises and given the mandate to govern.
However, as soon as he secures the reigns of administration, he quickly surrounds himself with family members, expands the number of ministeria

Twene Jonas is a hurricane spawned forth by Ghana’s climate of corruption
positions over and beyond what he has previously criticized, superintends over a country that sees its currency diving faster than a scuba diver, while
engaging in untoward activities that cause his own special prosecutor to run for cover while crying ‘help, help…I have seen the mother-serpent-ofcorruption.’ When a country gets trapped in a quagmire, and functions under the shadow of such personality, it naturally spawns forth a bitter, cursing
solution; Twene Jonas.
Thus, Twene Jonas has become a natural anti-thesis to the extreme insensitivity of Ghanaian authorities. In Ghana, normal criticism is taken as a
hostile action and hence dealt with in various ways. One cannot criticize a Ghanaian traditional leader just because…he is a traditional leader. When a
country reaches a point where the leadership refuses to act to help its citizens, or is unable to act to the betterment of its citizens, then logically,
something is bound to occur. Hence, Twene Jonas.
In sum, Twene Jonas is the apparition of the murdering political acts that Ghanaian leaders undertook. The apparition is now hunting them, and they
don’t understand why such a phenomenon is taking place. If Ghanaian leaders want to know why Twene Jonas is doing what he is doing, they should
look in the mirror of their lifestyle. The answers will be dancing Kete, Adowa, Agbadza, and staring back at them with red eyes.

SOURCE: Nii Otu Dadeban Ankrah

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