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Born Nigerian Ghana based Elajuku Felix in the most famous suburb of Lagos state Nigeria known as “AJEGUNLE” to both christian parents MR & Mrs Elajuku where he acquired his early education from Ondo state his state of origin, the returned to Lagos State and began his first ever vocation as a skilled Barber


After many years of street hustles with so much huddles and fending for himself, Bobo Felima as popularly known began exploring the musical talent which he was truly born with in a unique genre of music known as AFRO SPIRITUAL MUSIC. 

AFRO SPIRITUAL MUSIC is a special aspect of Afro Beat and hi-life genre of music specifically dedicated to the praise and worship of the one and only Most High God called …ALAYEE (Ondo State Dialect)

Bobo Felima: Afro Spiritual Music

As a Musician, Bobo Felima believes in using his voice to preach peace, inspire  the weak in spirit to be strong, entertain and to also provoke endless healing on the land through the constant praise of the most high God. 

I am the prince of Afro Spiritual Music while God the creator is the originator.

Bobo Felima a fashionista, public figure, philanthropist, CEO Eqwakye records, CEO cut n dye who is currently residing in Ghana, has built his music career stronger in Ghana with his line of music genre (Afrobeat-hi life).

He’s a performer with innate abilities and golden boxes full of pleasant surprises that will always keep you asking for more. 

Source: kyrian Chikay
Entertainment Journalist & Career Promoter

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