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Residents of Aflao in the Ketu South Municipality of the VoltaRegion took to the Street to agitate and register their displeasure and concern over the long duration for the closure of the AflaoBorder .

The protest was organized by the residents of Alfao together with other communities in the Aflao enclave . 

The closure of the Border was part of Government’s initiative to curb the Covid – 19 pandemic .

In March 2020 the President announced the closure of all Borders , both by  land and Sea. Because it is an avenue where the virus easily spread . 

Security at the Border was tightened to reduce movement of persons and goods across . 

As part of the President’s weekly update on the Covid-19 virus,the restrictions on borders was eased  to allow only movement of goods and other commercial commodities , denying movement of humans  across the border line .

All these and several others are factors that have culminated into the 27th August , 2021 demonstration by residents along the Aflao border to protest against it’s closure .

Clads in red clothes and banners ,  holding placards with many inscriptions ; NANA WE ARE SUFFERING , OUR BUSINESSES HAVE COLLAPSED , WE ARE HUNGRY , OUR BORDER MUST BE OPENED NOW . 

These and many other inscriptions signifying their frustrations and the hardship over the closure of the border .

The convenor of the protest, Bright Dzilah who lead them to the office of the Municipal Chief Executive of  Ketu South to submit their petition and grievances in a three paged document.

Addressing the media , Bright Dzilah noted that the people and residents around the Aflao enclave are suffering and cannot hold on again to this dissatisfied situation .

He is therefore calling on the Municipal Assembly and the immigration to as matter of urgency open the border for them. 

To them , the closure of the border within the past one year has brought hardship and made life unbearable .

All their activities have ceased and children can no longer go to school.

Speaking to some other residents in the area who couldn’t join the demonstration due to their business activities ,  Perfect Fiameku an electronic parts dealer said the closure of the border has greatly affected his business bringing his daily sales barely to zero pesewas a day.

Another trader by name Douglas Tenyo also highlighted the negative impact of the closure of the border on his business asan importer .

Responding to all these concerns , the Municipal Chief Executive of the Ketu South Municipality , Elliot Agbnorwustressed that the Akufo Addo administration is not happy over the closure of the border but for the good and welbeing of all.

He entreated the residents to calm down as measures will be put in place by the Coordinating Council to deal with the situation .

He continued to plead with the people to wash their hands and wear the mask as a way of curbing the virus . 

Meanwhile the sector Commander of the Ghana immigration Service at the Aflao border , C/Supt Frederick Baah Duodu said the closing of the border is in the interest of all so residents should try and contain it .

He made known that for now only goods and other commodities are allowed to cross the border with strict adherence to the Covid – 19 directives. 

He urged the protesters to remain calm as their grievances will be made known to the leadership .

He said as and when they get feedback on reopening of the border it  will be communicated to them in due course .

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