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Lilwin’s Half-Caste Son Spotted Chilling in the Snow in America – Fans Drool Over His Cuteness

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The boy is frankly looking super cute and handsome and has a very fair complexion, which is raising all the
It’s no secret that Lilwin is one of the darkest celebrities around yet his son is out there looking like one
of Michael Jackson‘s kids.
Social media users immediately started raising questions over the boy’s paternity.
According to comments we’ve spotted, there is zero resemblance between him and Lilwin.
Fans said either the boy’s complexion comes completely from the mother or a DNA test is needed.
One fan wrote: “The boy really looks like his mum 😂😂. I don’t even know the mum 😢”
Another quipped: “Mose DNA anaa me bc dam?”
DNA tests have become quite crucial in celebrity marriages these days.
Looking at what’s happening with Joyce Blessing and what has happened in the past, one can never be
too careful.
The boy is fresh though, that cannot be denied.
Check out Photo of him below…

SOURCE: Nii Otu Dadeban Ankrah

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