RANKING FAMILY MULTIMEDIA (House of Music) to put up a great concert for the late great highlife legend Nana Kwame Ampadu…

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www.rankingfamily.com is a Ghana-based globally recognised record label and event organiser that supports career building in Entertainment, promotions, Events planning/Organizing, management, Engineering, Electrical and Electronics workshop, IT training, personal profession, media profession and healthcare.

This is one of the highest news you hear and be thankful for amidst all known and well-acknowledged record labels and event organisers in ghana, Ranking family Multimedia has been authorized by the Ampadu’s Family to put up a concert for the late great highlife legend Nana Kwame Ampadu immediately after his burial via a communicator. The Profit-Making record label and event organiser is known for her great output in events and also music concerts with recording artists on its label with the likes of the legendary sugar ranking and co Ghana and Nigerian artistes signed.

The late great Nana Kwame Ampadu (31 March 1945 – 28 September 2021) was a Ghanaian musician credited with numerous popular highlife tracks and he is known to have composed over 800 songs He was also known as Adwomtofo Nyinaa Hene.

Ampadu’s “African Brothers Band” was formed in 1963. One of the founding members was Eddie Donkor. The name was in support of the call by Kwame Nkrumah for African unity. The group was later renamed the African Brothers International Band in 1973.


Ampadu came to prominence in 1967 when he released his song Ebi Te Yie (or “Some Are Well Seated”), a song that was seen as potentially critical of the then-governing National Liberation Council and disappeared from the airwaves, only returning after the end of military rule. In 1973 he won a nationwide competition in Ghana to be crowned the Odwontofoohene, or “Singer-in-Chief”.

His musical career also involved him in electoral politics, including composing a song for Jerry Rawlings‘s National Democratic Congress party to use in the 1992 election campaign. Ampadu also released a song critical of an attempt to disqualify Rawlings from the 1992 election based on him being half-Scottish. Nana Ampadu toured with the S. K. Oppong Drama Group, which performed concerts and short plays on the programmes of his band.

Vote Against Any Political Party That Promotes Tribalism - Nana Ampadu
Ampadu was born at Obo Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana on 31 March 1945. His birth name was Patrick Kwame Ampadu and his parents were Opanying Kwame Ampadu and Mercy Afua Ntiriwaa, both of Obo Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana

This group later evolved to become the cast of Osofo Dadzie, the most popular Ghana TV drama series for many years. One of his songs, Obra, became the theme song for Obra, another very popular Ghanaian TV drama series. He also wrote the theme song for the national Operation Feed Yourself programme of the military National Redemption Council for national food sufficiency.

Nana Ampadu won a number of awards in Ghana.

  • Grand Medal of the Volta Civil Division in 1977
  • Odwontofoohene by the Arts Council of Ghana in 1973
  • the first ever National Dance Band Competition in 1972

The family of the deceased hereby invites the general public to come and grace the occasion, notice of the burial dates will be published and more stories packed concerning his lifestyle and death via www.facetvnews.com.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

“Demirifa Due”

Source: Ranking Family Multimedia

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