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Religion and Slavery

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Would an eternal God permit a race to maltreat another? I know you will say no. I know you will say it does not make sense. But yes, that is what the Bible teaches and yet many follow it blindly. Some Ghanaian history emphatically shows that the two main foreign religions in Africa were man-made. Only to deceive some people. They were purposely created to indoctrinate and belittle our minds as a people. Because of this, you can see so many religions with so many Gods in the world today. Each and every one of them claims supreme divinity. However, they have not been able to produce any facts so far. Watch the video below as Ghanaian Avrahm Moshe tries to throw more light on the subject so that you become enlightened about the mental dangers that religion poses to us as a youth. 

Nii Moitey Oklopong

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