Security Officers Brutalize Civilian

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Injury to the head

Facetvnews gathered that, a supposed immigration ok who usually wear military uniform within the Sowutuom enclave assaulted and severely injured Kwaku Boamah alias Dee Pliers, a renounced media promoter and activist for no apparent reason.

All efforts to get clues for the reason behind the assault is proving futile.

The victim said that, Mathias the supposed immigration officer asked him if he was a driver and he replied negative. Moments later on 29 Nov 2021 at about 1pm,Mathias approached him.

He apparently pointed him out to another gentleman dressed in full military attire. Instantaneously , the man in military uniform started hitting him so hard that he collapsed.

He said that, they dragged him on the ground to different places. He recollected a moment when he realized he was at Kaneshie First Light, (traffic light).

According to him, a loud noise by a passer by addressing him as a thief badly beaten and that made him aware of that he had been unconscious.

He added that, the gentlemen handed him over to the Sowutuom Policing station where he was detained behind counter.

Later that day , he was released. He narrated how difficult it was for the CID in charge of his detention to assist him with police report.

The footages below shows some of the ordeal. This is a very cruel act and the government must act immidiatetly to serve as a deterrent to others especially in these festive moments.

Facetvnews is appealing to the general public and Human Rights Activists to demand for justice.

Why would the police Station detain a severely wounded man without innidiate medical attention? What is preventing the law enforcers to ensure justice?
Kindly call the contacts below or the police if you have any information about mentioned Mathias. He is usually dressed in military short pants, with nicely trimmed hair.

Handcuffs injury

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