Why do we celebrate Farmers Day in Ghana?

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“The National Farmers’ Day celebration is to appreciate our own farmers who are the ones who provide the bulk of our livelihood. Without them we cannot survive as a nation as such any clarion call to support the survival of Ghanaians we are up for it”

National Farmers Day in Ghana is celebrated on the first Friday of December each year to recognise the contributions of farmers and fishers in the country.

Farmers day in Ghana 2021 December 3rd

Farmers’ Day 2021, 2022 and 2023 in Ghana.

Date3 Dec
HolidayFarmers’ Day

Since it was introduced by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in 1988, the first Friday in December has been set aside to honour farmers and fishermen for their efforts in feeding the nation and recognise the vital contributions of a strong agricultural sector to the prosperity of the Ghanaian economy.

The first Friday of every December is set aside by the government as Farmers’ Day and is celebrated as a statutory Public Holiday

A programme of activities takes place to mark the day including prizes which are awarded to deserving farmers and fishers in order of best practices and outputs. A National Farmers Forum takes place at which the award winners can meet policymakers and experts on technological advances in the agricultural sector and also make their views known.

This holiday reflects the importance of agriculture in Ghana. According to the CIA World Factbook, Agriculture accounts for about 20% of GDP and employs more than half of the workforce, mainly small landholders.

Each year the Minister of the Interior declares this day as a statutory Public Holiday and urges the public across the country to observe it as such

Farmer’s Day is public holiday in 2021 in whole Ghana.

The National Farmers’ Day in Ghana is an annual celebration of farmers and fishermen, observed on the first Friday of December. On Farmers’ Day, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (Ghana) honors with special awards to deserving farmers and fishermen based on their practices and output.

Author:- Kyrian Chikay

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