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Astro of UB 40 has passed on

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Favetvnews regrets to announce the sudden death of Astro of UB40. The story was captured on Steel Pause Facebook page. Please read the content below:


Astro of UB40 passed away earlier today after battling a sudden illness.

Astro, whose original name is Terrence Wilson, was born on June 24th 1957 in Birmingham, U.K. He joined with UB’s in 1978. His career with the band spanned 35 years before breaking off with lead vocalist Ali Campbell to form a new group, back in 2013. Astro was recognised as the “toaster” or the Jamaican rapper with the outfit and highlighted when their single “Rat in the Kitchen,” climbed the British charts. This is a very sad loss for the band and British Reggae. It was only a few months ago the original UB’s lost their long time saxophonist, Brian Travers as well.

To all the UB’s, our “bredrens from Brum,” words fail me at this moment in time. This era of greatness is appearing to be closing in on all of us. Nevertheless, press on in knowing that your music has brought gaiety to the hearts of millions across the globe, and will do so for decades to come.

Astro; with that constant smiling face.. RIP RIP…. Sincere condolences to family, fans and friends.

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