Burning Faya on Grab the Mic-Jungle Yaad Friday FreeStyle

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Burning Faya is one of the fast Rising Raggae Dancehall superstars in Ghana. Grab the Mic is the newest entertainment thing in town. It involves an artist performing his/her songs live. The JungleYaad Studios is responsible for its conduct for Ranking Family Multimedia.on Fridays from 7 pm to 9 pm.

The event takes place on Fridays from 7-9 pm. Appearance on the platform is strictly by invitation.

Previous Perfomance Editions

Wan Row Grab.

Wan Row championed the first edition. To find out more about Wan Row, visit www.rankingfamily.com/wan-row.

Aklerh Grab.

Aklerh was next after Wan Row. She is the ‘bhaddest‘1 Ghanaian female Dancehall artist ruling the whole of Africa as Africa’s Dancehall Queen. She earned this title after her performance at Grab the Mic. Sugar Ranking is one of Ghana’s Dancehall music legends. He was present at JungleYaad to observe the lady’s performance. Her music delivery on stage was great and because of that, Sugar Ranking ranked her as ‘the African Dancehall Queen’.

Burning Faya Grab

Burning Faya, was in his ‘elements’. His performance at Grab the Mic was wonderful and intriguing. Watch the video below:

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Performing Next

Krekete Xylo has been officially invited to perform week. Seek Jah More president will bless the house with lyrics, style and pattern.

For more details on Grab the Mic, visit grab the mic blogpost pages here.

Watch the video below:

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