Retired Military Officer unlocks uncertainties of corporate leadership

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Classical, fireworks, lightning, and showmanship amidst military precision engulfed the Burma Hall, when Captain Dr. Victor Abbey (rtd), decided to go back to the barracks and stormed the Burma Hall to launch his book known as: “V.U.C.A World and the Future of Corporate Strategy and Leadership”.

The book: “Volatile Uncertainties Complex and Ambiguous” (VUCA) seeks to unlock the future and provide a basic understanding of the world and predictably enter into the Future of Corporate Strategy and Leadership.

The 228-page book contains solutions to challenges faced in corporate and leadership environments and provided basic guidelines to change management processes and the competencies required for leaders in order to succeed.

The author Capt. Dr. Abbey takes the reader through an analytical journey, traits, and challenges in the corporate world, to the tenets of corporate strategy and strategic leadership, including the fundamentals of organizational change management in the six-chapter book.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Capt. Dr. Abbey, who is also a senior executive at GOIL Company Limited explained that the ability of change was so enormous that corporate entities were getting overwhelmed by the day and it calls for leadership review.

He said leadership must understand the characteristics of the time especially when it comes to generational dichotomies and technical advancement and how to effect changes to succeed.

He noted that the book provides basic knowledge of the V.U.C.A world for organizational leaders to prepare and to enable them effectively develop or harness the right strategic leadership skills and competencies in formulating the right corporate strategies for their various organizations for today and the future VUCA world.

Capt. Dr. Abbey said Corporate Strategy and Strategic Leadership have been and would remain the bedrock of every organizational performance and success.

He noted that many organizational and potential leaders were yet to agree that it requires critical knowledge and competence to be able to operate effectively in the V.U.C.A world.

He said the book is very important for the young students trying to find their way in life, in corporate and leadership sphere.

“It is also essential for the young professionals who were building the foundations of their career, and for the middle-aged executive seeking fresh perspectives on the way forward for themselves,” he said.

Dr. Abbey explained that “the book was situated in Africa system in general and Ghanaian system in particular as there are different generations and our level of technical suaveness has also been considered.

“For example where you need to understand the emotional factors, cultural perspectives to understand the specific organizations and structural context in which they function to level effectiveness to enable them to be effective at leadership”.

SOURCE: Nii Otu Dadeban Ankrah

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