WHO: Vaccine makers should plan to adjust COVID-19 jabs – Live

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Spokesperson says manufacturers should start planning ahead and not wait ‘until the final alarm bell rings.’

Makers of COVID-19 vaccines should gear up for the “likelihood” of needing to adjust their products to protect against the Omicron variant, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) spokesperson has said.

Christian Lindmeier, speaking at a UN briefing in Geneva, said the agency was still studying the transmissibility and severity of the new variant, first reported in Southern Africa

“It is very recommendable that vaccine manufacturers already start planning ahead and plan for the likelihood for having to adjust the existing vaccine,” Lindmeier said on Friday. “That’s good not just to wait until the final alarm bell rings,” he added.

Key developments:

  • The new rules to tackle COVID-19 in the US include stricter testing of inbound travellers and stepping up booster jabs.
  • Germany is planning to exclude the unvaccinated from all but essential shops and services and is considering a vaccine mandate from February.
  • A United Kingdom study has found mRNA vaccines provide the biggest booster effect.
  • Roche develops new research test kits for Omicron variant

Here are the latest developments:

Russia says collective COVID-19 immunity level at 53.7 percent

Russia has said its level of collective immunity against COVID-19, which the government’s coronavirus task force measures using data on vaccinations and infections, stood at 53.7 percent as of December 3, up from 51.8 percent the previous week.

The level in Moscow stood at 72.1 percent, the task force said.


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